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Laser Cutting / Engraving

4mm Ply – Bee Puzzle

This is the first project other than the test files supplied with the snapmaker that I’m trying. The idea of this blog is to log the steps I take in getting the print to an acceptable standard. I’m very forgetful, so unless I do this, I will forget for next time and if it helps others… that’s great!

Please note, that some steps may not work or may produce the wrong results – in this case they will be highlighted in Red

Link to thingverse module –

I’ve converted this into a DXF file so that it can be imported into the snapmaker luban software which you can download here:

Recommended Settings

  • Jog speed: 3000mm/min
  • Work speed: 225mm/min
  • Pass depth: 0.2

Creating the code – Snapmaker Luban (4.1.1)

When snapmaker luban opens, select Laser, then 3 axis. For my work size, using the A350, I will leave the default job setup as 320 x 350 and the work origin as Center.

Open the DXF in luban

Click the Next button, and then Create Toolpath. If, like me you have never used plywood, then we will create a new profile for it. Click on the cog symbol:

On the next window, click create. Then in create material box type “Birch Plywood” and click save. You will see your new material appear on the list, with a sub setting called “Default Material” under it. Double click the “Default Material” text to rename this to “Cutting 4mm”. Change the setting to the right to match the authors recommended settings:

more to follow soon!

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